About Me and My Book Review Blogs

I have worked in three library systems: one very small and suburban, in the Midwest; one medium-sized and suburban on the West Coast; and for the last thirteen years, at a large urban library system, also on the West Coast. I’ve worked for over eleven years in children’s and teen services, and for the last nine years as an adult reference librarian. I continue to read children’s and young adult books for pleasure, and not just because I have young, and not-so-young nieces and nephews.

I sometimes review books to aid in purchasing decisions for children’s and young adult books for the San Francisco Public Library system, and both purchase and recommend for purchase, books in the social sciences and the adult folklore collection.

My reviews on are also posted on Goodreads, sometimes on Facebook,  in the newsletter of the GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association, of which I am a member, and currently Co-Chair. I am newly a member of the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee.

This blog will review books both new and old that are written for children from infants through age 13.

My other book review blogs are:
http://silverrod.wordpress.com – (reviews of books written for, or of interest to adults)
http://booksforyoungadults.wordpress.com – (reviews of books written for, or of interest to teens)
http://rainbowbooks.wordpress.com – (reviews of LGBT books for children and teens)

If you are an author or publisher, and would like me to review your book, please get in touch with me. I am interested in LGBT fiction and non-fiction for all ages; most children’s and young adult fiction titles, and some nonfiction; fiction and nonfiction books on Judaism or being Jewish for children and young adults; and fiction and nonfiction books on being Jewish for all ages. I am also interested in fiction by current authors that reveal the lives of people of cultures around the world. If you browse through my reviews, you will get an idea of some of the range of my interests.

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