Fox Walked Alone by Barbara Reid

Albert Whitman, 2009.     ISBN: 9780807525487

This variation of the story of Noah and the Ark features a puzzled, but curious fox who feels compelled to stay awake during the daylight hours in which he is accustomed to sleeping, and to travel, day after day. As he goes along, he meets up with a multitude of animals, walking in the same direction in pairs. Just in case some of these animals were dangerous, Fox followed along at a distance, staying out of sight. As the sky fills with clouds, Fox sees the ark in the valley below him, and meets his mate. The pair file into the Ark just as the rain begins to fall. The story ends with an illustration of the ark sailing in the flooded waters, and then a cameo of the two foxes sitting together under a rainbow. There is no reference to the bible story other than the use of the name, Noah.  The illustrations are cleverly done in Plasticine which works especially well to create texture and depth.  A “Notable” Sydney Taylor Award book.


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