“Mommy, Mama and Me,” and “Daddy, Papa and Me” by Leslea Newman

Tricycle Press, 2009

ISBNS: 9781582462639 and 9781582462622

Written by the well-known author of  “Heather has Two Mommies,” these two titles are the first board books to focus specifically on same-sex parents. Illustrated by Carol Thompson, they depict loving families in warm, inviting colors, with the brief story about a day in each family told in easy rhyme.

These books will be welcomed by the thousands of same-sex parents looking for books reflective of their families, but all children will enjoy the familiar stories of a day spent with loving parents.

The books have won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Best Book Award.


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2 responses to ““Mommy, Mama and Me,” and “Daddy, Papa and Me” by Leslea Newman

  1. We really loved these books — and delighted that are part of a larger trend to show all types of families.

  2. carol thompson

    As the illustrator of these books, I’m touched by the many positive coments I discover online.
    You may like to know that they received an A.L.A. Stonewall Honours Prize 2010. USA.

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